Have you ever felt that things in life don't go as they should?

Why do you have to work so hard when others just fly through life on a cloud?

Do you do everything right but you're not getting anywhere? Or do you simply want a shortcut in life? Then you can be helped by our powerful spells to get what you want!

There is always a solution to to every problem in life so why wait passively for better times that might not come? Do something about it right now and be proud of yourself!

Also love issues have very high success rates with our spells since we use the most powerful materials and methods such as chanting, fire etching and dark materials. Don't be afraid, this won't have any bad effects on you or the ones you love if you have pure intentions and a true heart!

Our Special spells such as mind control and enslavement requires us to perform a special protection ritual in order to protect your karma from the possible unwanted effects of these spells. You will be completely safe.

Frequently asked Questions

Some questions are frequently asked and therefore we have collected them here for fast and easy access:

1) How do your magic work?
Our magic is as ancient as the Egyptian history. Dealing mainly with fire etching, blood sacrifices and secret rites the results of the spells are amazing to all.

2) Are your spells safe to use?
If you have a pure heart you don't have to worry at all.

3) What side effects can come from this?
None, we handle the whole karmic burden and you are protected from all harm when using our magic.

4) Do you cast the spell or do I have to do it myself?
Yes, we do the cast together in the Order.

5) Do I need to perform any ceremonies?
Depending on the service you order you might need to do a rite to connect to the spell cast by us in The Order of Isis. Generally the rites include a sacred symbol, a candle and a mantra. You will get all the instructions and support needed once the spell is ordered.

6) If I can't perform it, will the spell still work?
If you can't perform the rites fully or not at all you need to let us know so we can find another solution to this. The rites are crucial to the spells power but there are other options.

7) How do I get in contact with you after the spell is cast?
We provide help through email support. In order to get a fast and exact response we ask if you could write your questions as short as possible. Email us at spells@orderofisis.com

8) How do I know when the spell works?
You will know for sure when it is working but since the results and effects of the spell is different with every single cast and client there is no general sign that the spell is working. Many clients have claimed that they felt an unusual sensation in chest, ears or skull when the spell is cast but this is not general.

9) Do you do phone consultations/readings?
No, we need peace and quiet to concentrate on our tasks and since we normally work in very different time zones and rythms we have chosen not to accept telephone consultations of any kind.

10) How can I order your spells?
You order our spells by sending an email with your name, date of birth and place of residence along with the spell you want (from our lists) or a description of your situation to spells@orderofisis.com.

11) How do I pay?
We accept payment from Moneybookers, Western Union, Moneygram, VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Discover, E-check and E-gold. et us know which payment method you prefer and we will send you the information you will need.

12) If I already have spells, will you still be able to help me?
Yes of course. It does help if you let us know which other spells you have and which types of magic you used.

13) Will other spells interfere with your magic?
No, our spells are more powerful than other spells and we have no problem with working alongside other spells.

14) How long does it take to see results?
The time frames differ with every spell and clients so there is no way to give a fixed time for success. We do generally give a timeframe which should be guiding you in your choice of the best spell for you. Normally our spells bring results within 4-8 weeks but remember that this is a general time frame only.

15) If the timeframe is passed and I didn't get results, does that mean that my spell failed?
No, see the above question about time frames. Also see Guaranteed for more information on this.

16) Do you guarantee your work?
Yes, we do guarantee our work. See Guaranteed for more information on this.

17) Do you need to see me in person to cast the spell?
No we don't need that. With modern technology and our great powers we can connect to your energies and spirit without the human presence.

18) If I want the spell to be cast on someone far away from me, will it still work?
Yes, it will for the same reasons as above. We connect to you and the one you want affected so there is no need to be close.

19) Why hasn't other types of magic worked for me? Is my case hopeless?
You have obviously never tried our spells. White magic as well as some dark magics such as voodoo and hoodoo is not as well adapted to everyone as ours is. Our spells attaches to your energies and transform to whatever energies you have.

20) Can I expect instant results?
There is no such thing when it comes to magic. The spell will bring the results when the time is right and there is no use to change that. For some the results comes within one day and for others it can take several weeks for results.