Are you tired of having spells cast with slow and unfulfilling results?

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The Order of Isis is a branch of the legendary Aset Ka, an occult order with roots that trace back to Ancient Egypt and its culture and traditions. The Order of Isis consists of four priests holding extraordinary powers of the dark magick of Isis.

Adeptus Imenand - holder of the Dark Mark (high priest)
Magus Rashidi - holder of the Dark Mark
Master Jibade - in charge of acquiring materials and sacrifices
Magister Omari - in charge of communications and the only one you will be in contact with

When casting a spell they all work together to fuse their enormous powers to reach beyond the outer realms of mankind! This process is so powerful and energetic that people in the vicinity may sense a power field for a few miles!

The whole order's existence and practices are surrounded by secrecy, even inside their own closed walls which is one of the reasons why not many will be accepted as clients. The few selected ones that are chosen will discover what true powers can do!

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Our clients knows best!

Since the services performed by The Order of Isis are secret and only intended for the clients knowledge we can't accept any reviews from clients without editing names for safety reasons. If you want to post a review here you should CONTACT US! and we will be glad to help you.

The reviews below have been edited for our clients safety and privacy reasons.

"Thank you, powerful Order, for getting my life back to me. Your magic and dedication make my husband finally get back home, after several months of confusion and sadness, you make it possible in 2 weeks!!!. The other woman dissapeared from our lives, and our son improved incredibly his performance at school. Thank you, from the bottom of my hear." (Mary Ann, Chicago, USA).

"I contacted the order of isis after serious finnancial issues. My life was about to collapse, and my wife and I were having the most complicated stage ever. I wanted to get money as soon as possible, so decided to order a lottery spell. I could not believe my eyes, after 1 1/2 month I won 350.000 american dollars in a game I ussualy played and never won before. I also wanted to say I make a donation to an african refugee camp, and this is all thank to you, the world is now a little bit of a better place, don't you agree???. It is my ethical duty to imput my testimony on your website, and I recommend anyone who needs fast help, to contact the order of isis and cast a spell without any hesitation, your life will change for sure!!!" (Mike D., Houston, TX)

"My lord! How can I express how thankful I am. I lost the 40 pounds I needed to get the new job as an executive assistant. I know the world we live in is not fair at all, but it felt SOOOO neat. The same supervisor did not recognize me after less than a month from the first interview!!!!!!. hehehe. Now he said yes at once!!! It feels great! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!! I'm so happy.." (Linda, Manchester, UK)

"I was skeptical, let me make a correction: I was the most skeptical client you ever had. I took a bit longer than I thought, but you got Michael back to meeee!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys, you really are powerful, Mr. Omari always replied really fast, if I felt bad he would say something hopeful to me, so the way to the results was not as bad as I thought. I felt better as soon as I got your first reply, i don't know how you did this, but it is all true. Thank you order, you make our lifes happy again." (Christine, from Sydney)

"my husband use to treat me bad, all psycologial and I couldnt stand it anymore, he was an alcoholic. i need something fast, cost efective and strong. i had tried other spells before and none worked at all. i decide to try with isis because i felt a hunch. can't explain, but i did this. that was the best desition in life to me. now we wait for the miracle of life for the first time, and everything is quiet and perfect. ramona, our future dougter is coming soon to complete our loving life. thank you magister, i dont think this was posible, thank you, my soul is with isis forever. (Ana Maria, Mexico DF).

"I was sceptical in the beginning but understood very quickly that these services are the real thing! Very professional and accurate support and the results are as powerful as they are amazing!" R.H, Memphis,US

"When dealing with the powers of The Order of Isis I strongly felt the changes starting in my own energies and not in the surroundings as with other spells I have had cast. When the results started to show after completing my rites I was blown away!" W.P, Dublin, Eire

"Top notch spells here! Getting that money spell got me $20 000 in just 1 month!" P.J, Miami, US

"Even if they are a very secret and mysterious Order they really know how to take care of the customer! I went from a sceptic to a fan when my ex husband one day came home for supper after nearly 2 years of being apart!" M-S.W, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"I didn't imagine results to come as fast as they did. Because the spell was of a very private nature I can't post it here but I can tell you that it was worth it!" C.W Berlin, Germany

"Being a master of the occult I thought I had seen everything but after having a mind control spell by this order I have changed my mind! They totally shattered what I thought was the bounderies of magic. Awesome!" R.O, Madrid. Spain

"Getting even in this way isn't possible without their help. Complete revenge by magic!" A.Q, New York, US

"For three months I didn't hear anything at all from my babies dad and after hearing from others that he was getting into criminal life I contacted you for help. Just now he called and said that he wanted to meet me and the kids again. I know that from here things will get better so thanks for the fast results!" S.T, Munich, Germany

"I was really fed up with one of my colleagues trying to boss me around and make me look stupid in front of others. You suggested a light version of an enslavement spell and I must admit that I was a bit doubtful that it would work on her. To my astonishment she now brings me coffee and asks me for my opinion and I even got a birthday gift from her this year!" N.B, London/Bangladesh

" two weeks from the spell was cast she even moved her clothes and computer back in with me and the kids. We have a much more harmonius relationship now and the kids are so happy! Thank you millions from the Carey family!" C.C, Jersey, US

"Face it, being a black woman in her late 50's isn't easy if you want to get a new job so I didn't expect much from your spells. But your career spell did get me four job offers in two weeks and the one I took was the best I have ever had! Feel free to use me as a reference if need be since I truly love your great work!" S-M.D Houston, US