Ancient dark magic - use our spells!

The order of Isis has some very special spells that are not for everyone! If you have a strong psychic connection to your inner wishes and are not afraid to stand by it you will probably find these spells very useful. Since they are performed by the use of blood sacrifice you should not take them lightly! CONTACT US! Here are some examples of special spells we provide:

Black magic enslavement spell - Would you like to have your boss bring you coffee? Have the bank offer you the best deals which you normally wouldn't qualify for? Or maybe you want your lover to tend to your every wish? Then these are the spells for you. From 179$

Black magic mind control - Normally man only use about 10% of the capacity of his brain. Imagine what you could achieve with as much as 50% of your capacity! Read thoughts, see the future, etc. These spells will increase your mind control and make you more powerful than you can ever imagine! From 199$

Redemption spell - Do you feel that you have dark marks over your entire personality? Do you want to start over clean as a baby? With this spell you will have a clean start to do with as you like. From 219$