Get a perfect lovelife - use our spells!

Do you want to meet your true love? Is your true love with someone else? Do you want your true love to be yours for eternity? Love spells performed by The Order of Isis will make these wishes and many more come true! CONTACT US! Here are some examples of love spells we provide:

Break up a love affair - Is your lover in a relationship with someone else? This spell will get him/her back in your arms again, 89$

Break up a marriage - Is the one you love already married and you want him to be with you instead? Great, this spell is made for you, 89$

Bring my lover back - Has the one you love gone missing? Did you loose contact with your high-school sweetheart over the years and want to meet him/her again? 89$

Make a person love me - Do you have a secret crush on someone and want him/her to fall in love with you? This spell will make that happen, 99$

Protect my relationship from bad influences - Do you fear that your love might be vulnerable to others ideas or evil rumors? With this spell that won't be a problem, 99$

Make my relationship happy and fulfilling - Do you have the love of your life already but want to make sure that everything will be perfect for all future? This spell will put a rosy shine on your everyday life and make your days happy, 99$

Make my lover faithful - Do you fear that your lovers eyes are wandering?Make them focus on what he/she has and make him/her content and filled of love for only you, 109$

Make our relationship calm and communicative - Are you annoyed with having arguments and fights over things not even worth mentioning? Do you feel that there are issues you need to solve together? This spell will work on your communicating skills, 109$

Make your lover honor and treat you well - In any relationship there comes a time when the rosy shimmer will fade and the arguments and annoyances comes knocking. Make this something that only happens to others, 119$

Commitment spell - Does your partner have problems to commit to you and your love? Or are you the one having cold feet? Don't let that be an obstacle for your happiness!,119$

Marriage spell - Do you feel that the time to tie the knot is approaching? Do you want a proposal from the one you love or do you want to propose and be sure to get a yes? "With this spell I thee wed!", 129$

Custom made love spell - Do you need more than one of the above spells to deal with your situation? Or aren't you sure if the spells above will be strong enough for you? Then I recommend you to contact us with all your issues and we will make a custom love spell to suit your problems perfectly! From 149$