We want all clients to be 100% happy with the service we provide!

When having a spell cast it is important to remember that the effects and the obvious signs of the spell has different time frames and manifestations for every single spell, client and situation. All we give is a general time frame and way to experience the spells results based on previous experience and feedback from clients.

There is no such thing as a 100% guarantee that the spell will work out the way you want it to since we don't deal with forcing anyone to do anything! Their actions and decisions should come from their heart and free will in order to bring great and everlasting results!

Our success rate is very high as we have obtain great powers, skills and experience. Spells used for thousands of years fills our book of shadows. Spells you wont find the likes of anywhere! 100% guaranteed!

We are so confident in our work and we have had so many years of great spell work and content clients that we do not doubt our abilities and powers. If by any chance the spell doesn't bring desired results within a 60 days, we will either recast it for free or offer you can have a refund after 6 months.

Ouur current success rate is 98,2% and at an avarage it takes 2-6 weeks for full results. Be satisfied, be happy, buy our spells! Satisfaction guaranteed!