Been wronged? - Use our spells!

If someone has wronged you it's only fair that they suffer from their mistakes! Right? A curse or hex is an easy and efficient way to make them regret ever messing with you in the first place! CONTACT US! Here are some examples of curses and hexes we provide:

Cast a curse/hex on one person - Bad luck, missed opportunity, feeling bad etc. This is what your enemy has coming if you buy this spell, 79$

Cast a curse/hex on several person - The same as above but based on 2-5 persons. 45$ per person

Karmic revenge - Do you want the person who wronged you to feel his own mistakes in a karmic way? Deep down inside? Forever? Choose this spell and he will take it with him to the afterlife, 109$

Biblical revenge spell - An eye for an eye... What has been done to you is what is awaiting when treating you badly. They won't do that again will they?! 129$

Customized revenge/curse/hex - Don't you find the perfect spell for your situation? Contact us and we will customize a spell to suit your situation perfectly! From 129$