Ancient master of secret Magic spells and rites

For many thousands of years the true powers and mysteries of the Order of Isis has been hidden in the shadows, considered as dark and dangerous by people too afraid of experiencing true and ancient powers.

With the turn of a new era their services can now be provided for people in need for intervention from the most powerful egyptian magick!

Do you feel intrigued by this and want to know more or do you feel that your case is too complicated for any other type of magick? Contact them now for a free consultation and recommendations on how to solve your problem.

Be aware though, this is not for the weak at hearted!


In honour of the passing of our colleague Magus Bakari we will add 20% extra strength to your spell when cast! Make sure you don't miss this opportunity since it is for a limited period of time only!

The Order of Isis is a branch of the legendary Aset Ka, an occult order with roots that trace back to Ancient Egypt and its culture and traditions. The Order of Isis consists of four priests holding extraordinairy powers of the dark magick of Isis.

The whole order's existence and practices are surrounded by secrecy, even inside their own closed walls which is one of the reasons why not many will be accepted as clients. The few selected ones that are chosen will discover what true powers can do!

Contact them now to hear how they can help your situation!